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Metal Blade has signed infamous Massholes, Overcast. Overcast are of some interest because their singer, Brian Fair, went on to front a little band you may have heard of called Shadows Fall, while their bassist, Mike D’Antonio, eventually joined some group called Killswitch Engage (the band’s other members, presumably, went on to get day jobs). That makes Overcast one of those bands that is kind of a retroactive supergroup, like the line-up of Megadeth that had Kerry King for all of ten seconds, or one of those glam bands like London or Hollywood Rose, whose various members went on to form Motley Crue, GN’R, and L.A. Guns.

ANYWAY, the band’s album, Reborn to Kill Again, is a bunch of re-recordings of their old songs with shiny new production by Adam “Is He or Isn’t He?” D. Because of the personnel involved, it’s obviously gonna be a record of some interest, although I’m curious as to why it’s only just now getting a release when it was recorded in ’06; then again, Kingdom of Sorrow’s debut sat on the shelf for what seemed like forever, so maybe the album’s delayed release doesn’t mean anything one way or the other.

So I guess the question is, will this album work as anything other than a curiosity item amongst hardcore KsE and SF fans? Is it just a relic of metalcore in its earliest incarnations? We’ll have to wait to hear the finished product to know for sure, but you can make some snap judgments based on the above HessianTV clip of the band performing at a reunion show in 2006.

And if this band has any plans to tour, I’d like to suggest that Howard Jones and Justin Foley use the free time to get Blood Has Been Shed back up and running. You told us when you joined Killswitch that BHBS wasn’t dead, fellas. Time to make good on your promise.


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