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  • Axl Rosenberg

THE ALL SHALL PERISH STORM IS A-BREWIN’We’ve now heard All Shall Perish’s latest, Awaken the Dreamers, in its entirety, and all we can say is – it’s different. The band has introduced a lot more melodic elements and made an album that, while still heavy, is a far cry from the unbridled brutality of Hate.Malice.Revenge and The Price of Existence. The resulting material took a few spins to grow on me, but at least one of you has already e-mailed us to express severe disappointment in the record.

The album doesn’t officially drop ’til September, so whether the band’s fans ultimately embrace the new aural flavors or declare All Shall Perish the new Cryptopsy remains to be seen. So while you’re waiting, head over to the band’s MySpace page to hear two more new tracks from the album, “When Life Meant More…” and “Stabbing to Purge Dissimulation.”

Fans should notice a sonic difference right off the bat – these are actually two of the heavier tracks from the album, and they’re already less likely to rip you a new asshole than anything from the band’s prior offerings. Still, I think this album deserves a fair listen before anyone gets too worked up about it – for one thing, a less-heavy All Shall Perish is still about ten times heavier than almost anything else out there, and for another thing, these guys are talented enough that they still blow most of their peers in the deathcore genre out of the water.

But like I said, we’ll have to wait and see how the fans react to this one. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the new tracks below.


[Thanks to MetalSucks maniac Francisco Sauceda for the tip. For the record, Francisco thinks the new tracks are “nothing short of AWESOMENESS!!!”]

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