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THE HAUNTED ARE COLOSALLY MORONICThat’s actually a really misleading headline – I mean, we love The Haunted here at MetalSucks, and we’ve heard their new album, Versus, and it’s fucking great. Seriously. I’m sure we’ll do a full review at some point or another, but in the meantime, you should know that Versus is fucking great.

You can get your first taste of Versus by heading over to The Haunted’s MySpace page, where they’re currently streaming the new song “Moronic Colossus” (hence my stoopid headline). Don’t let the ho-hum cover art fool you: the song is worth your time, we promise.

Versus gets released on Century at various points throughout mid to late September. In this day and age of rampant illegal downloading, I never really understand why albums ever get released on different days in different territories, but I’m sure the record company folk have their reasons.

And, hey, while you’re waiting for this lil’ gem to drop, why doncha read the awesome guest blog The Haunted vocalist Peter Dolving wrote for us?


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