• Axl Rosenberg

Chimaira are one those bands that take a lot of shit and never really understand why. Is it because their Roadrunner debut, Pass Out of Existence, was a not especially great Korn-esque foray into nu metal? Does it really fucking matter? Every album they’ve made since (or, for that matter, This Present Darkness, the independently released album they made pre-Existence) has been as heavy as an elephant standing on your balls, and their sound continues to evolve.

So the band are apprently gonna enter the studio in October to make a new album, which will presumably be released in 2009. That news makes me so friggin’ excited I just wanna go out on the street and grab the cutest baby I can find and slam its head into a plate glass window. The album will be produced by Jason Suecof, who also produced their last disc, Resurrection. I know a lot of people though that Resurrection was a weak follow-up to 2005’s self-titled masterpiece. Chimaira is fucking awesome but so was Resurrection so those people should smoke a joint and just calm the fuck down.

Here’s some footage of the band recording “Six,” one of their most impressive songs. It comes off of the “make-of” DVD that came with Resurrection. After you’re done basking in its metallic goodness, read our interview with Chimaria’s lead guitarist, Rob Arnold, here, in which we get the skinny on this crushing, sprawling, epic donkey punch of a song.


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