“INTO THE PIT” FIGHT CONTEST WINNERS; YOUR MOST GRUESOME MOSHPIT INJURIES REVEALED!Thanks to those who entered our “Into the Pit” Fight contest; you guys have endured some seriously brutal and gruesome moshpit stories at the behest of 250 pound men (250 was always the number you gave, for whatever reason)! Three runners up receive the following prize package, and our grand prize winner gets all of the below + an autographed Hellbrawl poster:

* Into the Pit DVD
* autographed War of Words DVD
* Metal God Essentials Vol. 1 CD
* Fight War of Words Film T shirt

The winning entries, along with their battle-tested stories, are posted after the jump. Trust me, if you’ve ever been in a moshpit, you’ll really want to read these! I’ll give you a teaser – “Ass-to-Neck Whiplash.”

Grand Prize Winner
Name: Dave D
The Story: “Ass to Neck Whiplash”
This happened to me just last Monday. I went to the Metal Masters tour in Michigan. Testament, Motorhead, Heaven And Hell, and Judas Priest were all playing there. It happened when Judas Priest was playing. It was near the end of the concert (Priest was the Ending act) so it was getting dark outside. We had lawn seats, and the way the venue was set up, the stage was at the bottom of a huge hole in the ground, with seats close by, and a huge open area (lawn seats) on an incline all around it. Anyways, now that the background is out of the way, here’s what happened:
There were these morons standing behind me and my friends who were jumping and flailing all around to the music, which is fine. Except that one of them lost their balance and fell into me. It knocked me forwards down the incline and into some HUGE fatass goth chick in front of me. My face hit square into her ass. I repeat, my face hit a fat goth chick’s ass. She didnt topple, thank god, because I was under her. My neck hurt pretty bad, I got ass-to-neck whiplash, and my dignity was torn to shreds. What left of it is now gone from telling this story but hey I’d sell it for free stuff anyway.

You’d think that was enough for the night, but no. As luck would have it, after the concert we all went back to our car, and guess who was parked only a couple cars away from us? Fat Goth Bitch. She gave me a glare and slothed her way into her car with her annoying friends.

(Thinking about it now, what was a goth chick doing at a classic metal concert anyway?)

Runners up:

Name: Christopher Lawson
The Story: “Bloody blood at a GWAR show.”

I was at a GWAR show back in 2004 @ the Norva in Norfolk Va.I wasn’t getting covered in blood enough so I moved closer hoping to get Beef Cake juices on me.One of my favorite GWAR tunes,Saddam a go go,came on.So I proceeded to stomp my fat ass into the wet,humid mosh pit.During the pit a girl,weighing all of 90 pounds,fell down in the pit.She began to panic so I reached down to pick her up.She reached around my neck but began to slip on the blood soaked floor.In an effort to regain her balance she grabbed a hand full of my shirt,a hand full of hair which was drapped over my ears mind you.While grabbing my hair she also grabbed my cartlidge ear ring and ripped it out.It left a huge pac man looking gap in my ear.I raise my head up in my pain just in time to have a crowd surfers boot hit me in the head knocking me forward.The force of the kick plus the wet floor plus my 250 pounds of man meat equals face 1st into the floor.I ended up dislocating my knee cap,spraining my wrist & hitting my head on the floor,which left a knot as big as Gor Gor’s balls on my forehead.To top it all off while my friend was helping me to the back to get help, a hard core kid spin kicks us both knocking us to the floor.Probably the highlight of the night was going to the hospital and seeing everyones reaction when I walked in covered from head to toe with GWAR blood!

Name: Carl Kidwell
The Story: “Sex to Pantera or just seeing things?”
It was the great southern trendkill tour and i was in the pit during panteras set. I waited in the bleachers so Id be ready for it ..
So about 3-4 songs in we had a pretty damn nice pit going, at least a 100 people.. Pantera was kicking ass and just everyone was going crazy.

Now most pits – well someone falls you pick them up right? I went down once, some people picked me up and we kept going…

About a minute after I went down some 250 pound skin head guy comes in and T bones me at a full run, i slid from the side of the pit i was on, all the way across the middle, knocked 2 other people over and into the other side and got trampled because the people had no idea I was coming from that angle.

I had my knee, hand and head stomped on before they picked me up .. but i felt like I had been hit by a car.. i was totally dizzy .. disoriented and could barely walk .. I stumbled out of the pit into the first seat I could grab. I was pretty numb and my head was just spinning, so I look over to my right and theres a guy bending a girl over the rail ..

Still not sure to this day if i had the shit knocked out of me so hard i was seeing things or if that was for real.

Name: Franky Z
The Story: “Sock Mosh”
It’s hard to pick out one story, I go to a lot of shows, but I seem to lose my shoes a lot. One year Slayer & Pantera played in the same arena, in Long Beach CA. I think it must have been the biggest pit I’ve ever seen. Numerous times breaking into 3 or 4 small pits. Just as Pantera hit it, I was standing off to the side and the pit erupted & me not realizing got hit from behind & I literally got knocked out of my shoes. I went flying & jumped into the pit and was pitting the whole nite in my socks!

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