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CALEB SCOFIELD TALKS SH*T ABOUT HIS EX-CAVE IN BANDMATESIn the “everyone’s doing it, so why won’t they?” department, Cave In bassist Caleb Scofield took a shot at his ex (or “on hiatus,” as it were) bandmates and ever-so-subtlely revealed his desire to reform the band. The interview, published on was actually about his current project Zozobra — whose thundering low-end stoner metal album Bird of Prey dropped a couple of months back (listen to “In Jetstreams” and The Blessing” from their prior album Harmonic Tremors). But the subject matter quickly turned to Cave In:

Where do you stand with Cave In? Any chance of a reunion, since everyone is doing it?
If Cave In were to play live again I’m not sure it would be a reunion. I think it would be more of a return from an extended hiatus. If it did happen I know for a fact we would have at least three new songs to play.

Obviously Zozobra is the heaviest of the post-Cave In bands. What do you think of the quality of their output, especially the new stuff?
I would normally take this opportunity to make a sarcastic joke about those guys but I won’t. I have to be honest and say that both Clouds and Steve [Brodsky] have just put out some of the worst shit I think I’ve heard in a long time. I wish those guys would stop fucking around with that nerdy fucking stoner party rock, 16-bit-sounding bullshit and just get Cave In back together.

Thank you, Caleb Scofield, for summing up how we all feel! Scofield isn’t hiding his desire to get the band back together; do Brodsky and Adam McGrath feel the same way, worn down by less-than-stellar receptions to their various new projects (Zozobra aside)? Are the “three new songs” Scofield references tunes that he’s penned alone as potential Cave In songs or has the band actually been jamming together? Questions, questions.

If anyone’s jonesin’ for some Cave In music today, check out the full career retrospective and homage I wrote a few months back, complete with mp3s spanning all eras of this incredible, amazing band.

So yeah, needless to say, we’re majorly hoping that those guys “stop fucking around with that nerdy fucking stoner party rock” and get “just get Cave In back together!”


[Thanks to MetalSucks Maniac Tiagon for sending in this news.]

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