Black Collar Workers



When it comes to the bailout, I tend to be more in the “it was definitely needed” camp*; but regardless, this shit is damn funny. Someone should actually try this on the phone with a recorder going; I’d pay to hear the other end!

* Like it or not, the bank crisis affects every working American and the bailout is necessary. I have big issues with the government (aka our taxes) taking on this massive debt, and I loathe the financial advisors who caused this crisis in the first place. But everyone’s job and well-being is seriously jeopardized without a bailout, not just the wall street tycoons. On a micro level, when one wall street firm goes down so do all the supporting businesses; their car drivers, the food service workers, the cleaners, and pretty much anyone whose lives they touch — and they touch a LOT of people. On a macro level, business is done by borrowing credit. I promise that your employer doesn’t just always have reserves of cash sitting in a bank; they often have to borrow to make payroll and buy supplies. Can you imagine them saying to you, “oh, we’re owed a bunch of money. Just hang tight for a couple of weeks and THEN you’ll get your paycheck!” No, they sometimes have to borrow to get you paid on time every week. This is reality. And it extends to every job in every walk of life. No credit = you don’t always get paid. No credit = no new construction. No credit = no public improvements. Etc. Without the bailout, our economy grinds to a halt.

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