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Get ready to start hearing a lot about Mutiny Within (formerly Mutiny), Roadrunner’s latest young gun signee. I had the pleasure of seeing this band perform in front of about 12 people at New York’s tiny Lit Lounge last year and was really fucking impressed that dudes so young had such impressive chops and brought such a powerful show.

I’m reasonably certain about half the band’s lineup has since changed, but judging from some demos on the band’s MySpace page their musical composition hasn’t. Think the Euro-bombast of Children of Bodom, Americanized. It’s epic, it’s got keyboards, and it’s cheesy as fuck, but it’s really well done. It’s exactly the kind of metal that Roadrunner specializes in completely knocking out of the park. Remember the massive hype when Trivium broke with “Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr”? You’ll soon be hearing about Within Mutiny on that kind of level; I gar-aun-tee.

The band heads into the studio this winter to record their RR debut with Ascendancy‘s twisted genius knob-twiddler Jason Suecof. Expect an early-mid ’09 release.


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