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Here we go again. After the most boring debate in history we were given a McCain soundbite that will live on for the rest of the campaign. McCain’s derogatory remark of “that one” referring to Senator Obama was pretty much a game changer in my opinion. This little remark showed the inner nature of John McCain and the Republican, conservative base. “This is mine. You don’t deserve to be here, you people…”

When you look at a small remark such as “that one”, it makes me think about going to vote. I was going to vote for Obama regardless but back during the primaries I was one of those Obama supporters who would have considered McCain if Hillary Clinton were the nominee. Now as I think about it, I should have had my fucking head examined. McCain is harboring some deep prejudices regarding black people and it clearly showed in that remark.

Do you want a bigot in the highest office in the world? I know I don’t. The funny thing is I’m sure there were a good amount of presidents who were bigots behind closed doors, but we live in a new time and a new day and that aggression will not stand. The fact that McCain’s disposition toward Senator Obama reeks with disdain, contempt and disrespect shows me he is unfit to be a president. I’m going to say it. McCain is a fucking loser. And he’s a punk.

Before any of you bring up Obama’s ‘associations’ let’s think about a couple of things. The future of America and the history of America. The future of America is much more important than who a president knows and how they know them. The future of America is highly dependant upon the steady hand of the next commander in chief. Would you want a president who’s disdain for a person or people can affect his decision making? Would you want that person’s hand on the red button?

Let’s look at the past and the definition of the word terrorist. Back when America was fighting for their freedom, every single person who was on the side of America and who fought against the United Kingdom was considered an extremist and terrorist against England. What do you consider those people? Why do we have the second amendment? The second amendment came to fruition from the fact that people who are truly free are able to stand up against their government and say,”Enough!”. Sometimes it takes a bullet in a motherfucker’s ass. Many Americans have set bombs. Americans have shot presidents. Do you consider the person or institution that shot Kennedy a terrorist or terrorist organization?

America is safe from an invasion because no other country would dare come here knowing that most Americans carry guns and we’ll die to keep America what it is. The invasion is happening from the inside out with this division and this prejudiced regime. I’m not saying McCain is a racist, I’m saying he’s got deep seeded roots that he can’t sever and it’s dangerous to the American people and the country.

We have to be clear about what this election means to America and our future. All of the people out there who say Obama is  a socialist, get your fucking head checked. He’s a CONSTITUTIONAL lawyer. Socialism is a dirty word to throw out there to scare people. Most people who use that word don’t even know what it means or what it would mean to be a socialist society. It would never happen in America, you fucking geniuses. The rich wouldn’t let it happen and news flash:

Barack Obama is a rich man.

No, this election is about fear and contempt now. The fear of being a socialist, the fear of electing a terrorist. The idea that Obama is a far left radical is laughable as well. Who gives a shit? For those out there that think it’s bad for America for that to be a possibilty, think about this: How many far right, conservative presidents have we had? A bunch. Guess what? We got through it.

In closing, it took McCain 20 years to come around to vote for a Martin Luther King, Jr holiday. 20 years. And he didn’t do it until it was a political issue, not a moral one. McCain is a fucking loser. If you want to put him in the white house, I will use guilt by association the way his camp does and deem you that as well.

Don’t be a loser, go to the polls and vote for “that one”. If McCain were to put ‘Country First’, his old ass needs to step down and apologize for wasting our fucking time. Fuck John McCain. Fuck him till he sleeps eternally.

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