Oh Don Piano!



Here’s a headline from Blabbermouth this morning:

GUNS N’ ROSES’ ‘Chinese Democracy’ Single Best ‘Mainstream Rock’ Debut Since ‘Don’t Cry’

Wow. So in the seventeen years since “Don’t Cry” was released, there hasn’t been a better debut than “Chinese Democracy?” What incredible power Axl Rose has over the charts!

Only, this isn’t exactly true. And by “exactly,” I mean at all.

Here’s the first paragraph from the accompanying story:

“According to Billboard.biz, GUNS N’ ROSES‘ new single, ‘Chinese Democracy’, has made a splashy bow across a bevy of Billboard‘s and Radio and Records‘ rock airplay charts — after only five days of airplay. It debuts at No. 12 on Mainstream Rock, No. 15 on Active Rock, No. 37 on Modern Rock and No. 7 on Rock. On Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock chart, which began in 1981, it’s the band’s best debut since 1991 when ‘Don’t Cry’ opened at No. 4.”

So the song isn’t the best debut since “Don’t Cry;” it’s just GN’R’s best debut since “Don’t Cry.”

Keep in mind, I’m not blaming Blabbermouth – they’re most likely just reporting on a press release. But seriously, that is some bullshit spin right there. It’s gotta make you wonder what the headline will be when Chinese Democracy the album is released.


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