Live music videos are hit or miss; either they capture the live spirit and energy of the band in all their glory or they come off as cheap, completely sucking the life out of potentially great bands. This week we’ve got three brand new live music vids that run said gamut.

File The Haunted’s new one for “Moronic Colossus” — the first single from their recently released record Versus (read David Bee Roth’s review) — as a big fat win. That The Haunted chose to stick with the live audio rather than laying the studio track on top of live video like most bands do is a testament to how virgin-tight and crushing this band is in the live setting. Big ups!

On the other side of the spectrum we’ve got a live video for “Pray” by King’s X, a good song — and an excellent live band — whose video is a total snoozefest guilty of precisely the pratfalls The Haunted avoided with theirs. Oh well. I still love this band and will go see them pretty much any time they roll through NYC.

Squarely in the middle we’ve got a new one from Suicide Silence which does a stellar job of being completely “meh.” This whole band is meh. I know Axl likes ’em, but I just don’t see it; what I see is a scenecore/deathcore band who admits to liking Korn. I guess the video does a good job of making these guys look awesome live (footage from this past summer’s Rockstar Mayhem run), but to thee I say: studio audio! Fail.

I suppose you’d actually like to WATCH these videos rather than read my boring analysis of them, eh? Click on through to the other side.

The Haunted – “Moronic Colossus” (Live @ Wacken 2008)

King’s X – “Pray”

Suicide Silence – “Unanswered”

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