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When I posted the inaugural edition of Jew on Jew a couple of weeks back with Daath’s Eyal Levi, MetalSucks commenter nick abrahamson made a suggestion: “how about that dude from Ghengis Tron, he gonna be next??” Ye ask and ye shall receive, Nick.

Only when I pitched “that dude” (aka vocalist Mookie Singerman), I got the following response, despite what he said in a past interview with Paper Thin Walls: “This is a funny idea but technically i’m not even really jewish–only half on my dad’s side and from my understanding you gotsta come from a Jewish vagina to be a real Jew.  I’ve never celebrated any jewish holidays and the only time I’ve been in a synagogue was for friends’ bar mitzvahs in 7th grade so I don’t know how good of an interview i’d be about this…” That’s alright, Mook, fear not; we’re all inclusive Jews here at the MetalSucks Mansion. After the jump, the half-Jew centric interview I conducted with Mookie.

Do people frequently mistake you for a full-fledged Jew?

All the time.  I’m certainly not the most blue-eyed, Aryan looking dude in the world.  My face, coupled with the last name and circumcised penis makes for a very Jewish seeming guy–but alas!  “I’m a mutt” as our president-elect would say.

Who would win in a battle royale: Moses or Jesus?

Didn’t Moses have a harelip and a nasty speech impediment?  I guess that wouldn’t hinder him in a fight, but it’s my understanding that Jesus palled around with a rough and tumble group of bros and hookers.  Instead of getting his hands dirty, Jesus would probably have a leper cough in Moses’ face.  So my money’s on JC.

Have you ever found it beneficial to play up the Jewish side of your heritage?

How do you think I joined such a powerful and successful band?  Zionist metal conspiracy, bro.

Whenever there’s a holiday or matzoh ball soup involved, I consider myself 100% Jewish.

Have you ever found yourself in a position where it might be harmful to mention the Jewish side of your heritage?

Sure.  My Norma Jean audition didn’t go too well even though I tried to convince them Singerman was a stage name.

Please describe said Bar Mitzvah experience.

I went to quite a few in 7th grade and danced my ass off to the electric slide.

Growing up near New York City, you must’ve constantly been surrounded by lots of “tr00” Jews. Did you ever have Jew envy?

Nope.  All my Jewish friends always complained about how shitty hannukkah was while my little mixed ass cleaned up on Christmas.  Seemed like I had the better deal.

Ever dated a Jewish chick? If yes, please describe the Jewish vs. shiksa dating experience. If no, please name a Jewish celebrity you’d like to shtup.

Yes.  My high school sweetie was Jewish and this was another situation where I played up the Jewish part of my heritage.  Her parents had no idea about my yearly rendezvous with Santa.

Would you consider converting if you married a Jewish chick who demanded it?

I get to break some glass at my wedding, right?  That sounds pretty badass, though I don’t think the Jewish faith would take too kindly to my tattoos.

Any rabbinical words of wisdom for the throngs of aspiring (half)-Jewish metalheads?

Be proud and confused like me!


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