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the hard r

By now a lot of you have had a chance to hear some of our new shit floating around, or you’ve had the chance to hear the whole album if you’ve been SO LUCKY… I can say that I’m very excited to have this record come out on February 24th 2009. By the way, February 24th will be a huge day for metal. Us and Lamb Of God have our records coming out the same day. The coolest thing about this is every one can see how far metal has progressed from each of our first albums to our latest. We’ve come a long way. And I think both of our bands haven’t compromised. I also think we’ve produced quality material through our respective careers. So big ups to us and them!!! Big ups to metal!!!

hateradeI keep saying big ups because this blog is going to be all about one thing: Haterade. The big ups is a precursor to the new words or phrases that come out over time. Yeah, maybe being in a metal band makes it harder to say things like true dat, big ups or haterade but I’m gonna say that shit anyway. I am in a metal band but I am also from the streets so I have carte blanche to say all that ghetto shit.

Seriously, I’m talking about haterade because I think bands that get hated on generally become more successful. Right now, I’m hoping, pleading and wishing for this album to be panned by critics, internet trolls and whoever wants to shit on it. You may ask me, “Why Dallas? Why dost thou-eth needest us to protesteth soeth mucheth?” Because we need some boiling water in our career. We need people to hate. We need people to defend. We need to fight a fucking war for this record to push us to another place. We are a successful band. I want to be more successful. I want anyone out there who hates God Forbid to say they hate us. I don’t want reasons. I don’t want debates. I want hate!!!

I have a theory about why people don’t drink God Forbid Haterade. Let’s look at the careers of the most recent hated bands: Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine are just a couple of examples. These bands have great careers, but they have strong Haterade Brands. I’m sure their myspace messages are divided up into fan mail and hate mail. We’ve received hate mail and it’s pretty fucking great. But not as widespread as I really want and need it to be. These bands catch hate for a vast amount of reasons, but mostly I think it’s because they have images not because of their music. I think it’s because people can’t stand that people like them. I also think it’s because they are white! It’s very normal and OK in our society to hate white people. I don’t hate white people but it’s real easy to hate a successful white person.

It’s a Catch 22 to hate on God Forbid. It’s like the debates we had with Barack Obama. If you’re white and hate us, people think you’re racist. If you’re black and hate us, you’re a sell out. If you’re Hispanic and hate us, just go do some cocaine.

Get charged up! Show the true hate. We need a career with lefts, rights, love, hate… I’m saying it right here and now. If you can’t stand our band and are afraid to talk shit about us because people will think you’re racist, don’t worry about it. I know you are, so talk as much shit as you want! If you’re black and hate us because we’re doing what you want to do, don’t worry about. I know you’re an Uncle Tom!

In all seriousness, if you can’t stand the music, the personalities or just my stupid mouth, please tell your friend, your mom, your grandma, your psychiatrist, your girlfriend, that we suck… Tell them that we suck not just metaphorically, but physically. I’ll help you out, “God Forbid sucks _________” Insert the word there. Here some examples: Cock, dick, pussy, schlong, dog’s ass, cat’s ass, elephant schlong, dirty whore’s snatch, gout ridden toe jam, etc, etc. It’s OK. I give you carte blanche because you probably are a racist and definitely a sell out Uncle Tom! This is America. What would it be like if you weren’t…


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