We can’t listen to metal all the time, but whatwith the massive amount of CDs and press packs we receive it’s hard to find time to get to anything else. Usually if I’m not listening to metal it’s ’70s soul/r&b/funk with some classic reggae or dub thrown in for the more “festive” occasions, but there were a few non-metal records releases in 2008 that snuck their way into my iPod rotation this year. (And if you missed it… check out all of the MetalSucks staffers’ picks for Best Metal Albums of 2008).

My picks, after the fold…

1. Sara Bareilles – Little Voice: Far and away my #1 non-metal pick for 2008. Imagine a more up-beat, less weepy Fiona Apple. Delectable little pop folk-rock nuggets, this album has songs in spades, and Ms. Bareilles can fucking sing. [Listen]

2. Hello Demons… Meet Skeletons – Chills: This choice is kind of cheating since it’s Clint Lowery’s (Sevendust) solo project, but this EP of mostly acoustic songs (with all instruments and singing by Clint himself) is fucking fantastic. [Listen]

3. Meese – Count Me Out: This is actually just one song… but “Count Me Out” by Denver’s Meese is easily the best pop song of the year. Yeah, it borders on emo. Fuck off. [Listen]

4. Tiger Lou – s/t: Chill, trippy, echo-y, guitar-based electronic stuff. But more indie-based… kind of like a more understandable, less-artsy Radiohead. And hey, they’re from Sweden! [Listen]

5. Fighting With Wire – Man vs. Monster : I’m not even sure if this record is out in the U.S. yet, but the advance copy I’ve heard is fucking great. Think Artist in the Ambulance-era Thrice but with more of the rock and less of the punk. [Listen]

Now that that’s out of the way… back to Gojira.


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