Tour de Force




It’s only January 7th but already three ridiculously awesome North American tours are planned for the early part of the year:

Soilwork + Darkane + Swallow the Sun + Daylight Dies (in some markets)

Meshuggah + Cynic + The Faceless

The Haunted + Nachtmystium + Kylesa + Intronaut

Like, woah.

The Soilwork and Haunted tours are both MetalSucks co-sponsored, so as usual you can expect plenty of coverage in the way of interviews and general blowjob-giving. Soilwork have done the ultimate “bro” move by allowing fans to vote on their pre-Sworn to a Great Divide setlist, the results of which were recently announced via their official website. As could be expected, the standards dominated the voting but the final tally wasn’t without a few nice surprises (hello, “Soilworker’s Song of the Damned”!):

soilwork 2009 tour setlist

Axl already described the Meshuggah tour thusly: Meshuggah + Cynic + The Faceless = Erection. What else is there to be said?

The Haunted and Nachtmsytium’s styles may vary greatly, but both bands give some of the most intense performances this side of Kip’s mom last night. I’ve yet to see Intronaut and can’t wait to witness their experimental jazz-metal jamouts live. As for Kylesa, I really don’t like them at all… but maybe I’ll be happily surprised.


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