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Batillus, one of New York’s best up and coming doom acts, have released their self-titled EP for free download here. I could tell you how awesome it is, but luckily for both you and me, Cosmo Lee – who has written for just about every metal publication under the sun – has already reviewed the album far more eloquently than I ever could at his awesome blog, Invisible Oranges:

“The guitars are all over the place, which is uncommon for their doom milieu. While the band is duly slow and low (the three songs on this EP each top 10 minutes in length), it traverses diverse terrain: trippy Sabbath-isms, mutated Helmet riffs, even black metal tremolo picking. It’s an excitingly open system. There are lots of riffs – if you dislike one, one you like will likely arrive minutes later. Songs morph between riffs with surprising mobility, given the lumbering framework… I saw this band live and was impressed… [the album is] well played and well recorded.”

(Cosmo also has an mp3 sample from the album. I could just post said mp3 sample here, but I won’t because you should just familiarize yourself with Invisible Oranges – Cosmo is an incredibly knowledgeable and even handed critic, and the only writer I know of who can get away with using the word “mightily.”)

Once you’ve downloaded Batillus’ EP and come to the conclusion that the only rational thing to do is devote your life to becoming the band’s A-No. 1 groupie who satisfies their every sexual desire, then you can get excited about the show they’re playing on February 15 at Public Assembly in Brooklyn with Ocean (not to be confused with The Ocean), Salome, and Riff Cannon. Tickets are a whopping ten bucks, and since we’ve already written about our love of Salome, you know that it’s gonna be a good time.


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