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What’s better than music? FREE MUSIC! Here’s some shit people are currently giving away for the price of air.

  1. Headbanger’s Blog, a.k.a. the only decent thing MTV gives back to the world anymore, has a free mp3 of “Rapture of the Empty Spaces,” a new solo track from Nile’s Karl Sanders. Normally, I’d poke fun at the idea of Sanders making a solo album – after all, he’s the driving creative force and only consistent member of Nile, so why bother? – but the track (which is acoustic) is about as far away from Nile as one can get (sonically if not thematically), so the name change makes perfect sense. Sander’s new solo offering, Saurian Exorcisms, will be out on The End on April 14.
  2. Am I the only one who thought the Superbowl ads all sucked the big one this year? Only one, for of all things, made me (intentionally) giggle. And while the absolute low point should have been Ed McMahon shilling for, it ended up being the debut of a new Smashing Pumpkins track, “FOL,” in a Hyundai commercial. As is the case with everything Billy Corgan has done since the original line-up of the Pumpkins split up, the song blows goats and likes it, but if you’re morbidly curious, you can download it here.

And that, my friends, may be the first and last time that Karl Sanders and Billy Corgan are ever mentioned in the same story.


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