I haven’t yet had a chance to fully digest Obscura’s Cosmogenesis, but based on my brief listen I 100% endorse Satan Rosenbloom’s rave 4.5 out of 5 horns review of the latest from these German tech-death masters. Just look at their new video for the song “Anticosmic Overload.” It’s completely about the shred-factor, showing off the chops about which Reb. Rosenbloom waxes ecstatic: “To follow the workout metaphor, Obscura are like one of those dudes with -5% body fat that can go top speed on the elliptical on level 20 for an hour straight, then do 1000 crunches in five minutes and bench press an elephant all without breaking a sweat.” No fancy CGI effects or shaky cameras here; it’s all “Yo, look at us play, motherfuckers!” with plenty of bass pedal and fretboard zooms, birds-eye drum cams and, best of all, uber-close shots of fleet-fingered 6-string fretless bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling.

Aspiring death metallers, prepare to feel impish.


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