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twitter logoIs Twitter the new Facebook (if Facebook was, in fact, the new MySpace)? MetalSucks isn’t gonna wait to find out, and has now officially joined 2008 by signing up for Twitter (follow us!). In case you’re over the age of 20 and not yet hip to Twitter, Twitter is a social networking site that’s basically just the “status update” section of Facebook with everything else stripped away. Users can update their profiles with short messages and links with quick updates about what they’re currently doing (140 characters or less), from a web interface or from their mobile phone. Musicians have begun dabbling in the world of Twitter, and, naturally, this provides loads of entertainment for us.

Aside from the obvious humor inherent in a bunch of br00tal metal dudes doing something that’s called a “Tweet,” some notable metal musicians are already ensconced in the world of Twitter. And what’s cool about it is that you know, at least until marketing department heads become hip to it, that you’re getting a direct link to the actual person. When Vernon Reid Tweets about the guy that designed his custom pedalboard, you know it’s him. When Fred Durst Tweets about a tattoo of Frankenstein he’s getting… uh, you know it’s him, for better or worse. Let’s look at what some notable quotables in the metal world are saying on Twitter:

Vernon Reid of Living Colour (@vurnt22) is a Twitter whore! The guitar virtuoso Tweets several times a day, and, according to one he posted yesterday, just celebrated his 600th Tweet. Congrats to Vernon! Most of his posts have to do with guitar tech talk, and many of them seem to be direct answers to fan questions, which is pretty fuckin’ cool. Also, apparently there’s some recording action in the Living Colour camp:

Replacing guitars that sizzle & crack on a track
6:58 AM yesterday from web

Corey just did an outstanding vocal. Guitars are pretty much done for these sessions. It’s all cool but feels a bit unfinished, being honest about
20 hours ago from web

Fred Durst (@freddurst) is getting a new tattoo:

getting tattoed by Nikki Hurtado right now. He did my Albert Einstein. Now time for Frankenstein’s greatest creation..
7:06 PM Feb 9th from web

And has some words of wisdom to offer the residents of a certain California province:

amazed at how swell everyone drives in LA when it rains.
12:29 PM Feb 6th from web

Is it just me or is the thought of Fred Durst driving in LA in the rain WHILE TWEETING a bit fucking scary?? Thrice (@OfficialThrice) are writing for a new record:

just wrapped day 3 of writing. it’s going really well. ideas are flowing and there’s a lot of positive energy in this little room of ours.-r
9:04 PM Jan 9th from web

Looking forward to that one; the Alchemy Index suite was fantastic. The Dillinger Escape Plan (@dillingerescpln) would like to thank their fans:

thanks to all of you who came to our shows this weekend. The basement show was ridiculous. I cut my ass in Baltimore though

Ex-Soundgarden mainman Chris Cornell (@chriscornell) has joined Twitter-nation too:

I just ate shrimp
10:44 PM Feb 5th from TwitterBerry

That’s about as profound as his new album with Timbaland will be good. And lastly, nothing on the webernets would be legit if Trent Reznor (@treznor) weren’t on board yet:

Ghosts DESTROYS In Rainbows deluxe package. No debate.
4:34 PM Feb 8th from web

Take that, Radiohead grammy! (I’m inclined to agree)

So, join us on Twitter, won’t you? You KNOW you want up-to-the-minute updates on the shenanigans going on at the MetalSucks Mansion and the tomfoolery in which we indulge on a regular basis. Right?


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