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What’s up everyone? Today is the day Earthsblood comes out and I’d like to thank MetalSucks for supporting the band and this record from even before they had a chance to hear it. What to say about Earthsblood? 1) The album kicks ass. 2) It’s getting great reviews across the board even though I requested that not to happen. 3) Don’t listen to me because I’m just a musician trying to create waves! I don’t know shit.

I’m extremely proud of this record and my band for achieving something greater than we ever thought we would. We wrote a great metal album. We’ve stayed together for close to 11 years and we’re still going strong. We’ve got the best tours of our career lined up and it’s all because of you guys out there. If we didn’t have the support from you we wouldn’t be able to be so successful. I have no idea what this album will bring us but I can say the lead up to it has been outstanding. Even Blabbermouth gave the album a 9.5 out of 10 which is amazing. To tell you the truth, the amount of shit I talk about the Blabbermouth trolls, the site itself has always been a staunch supporter of the band and I thank them whole-heartily! Blabbermouth you fucking rock as well!

Writing an album is very tough so when people respond positively to it it makes our lives a hell of a lot easier. The work isn’t done yet. Just because an album is critically acclaimed and people lick the balls doesn’t mean it will be good for a band’s career. What bands need with this type of hype and promotion is follow through. And that means you out there! Please pick up the record. I’d say go to AmazonTHE HARD R: EARTHSBLOOD IS FINALLY HERE! because they never fail to get people the product. Record stores are closing down and the physical product isn’t in the physical stores as much. I say again, please buy the record! If you downloaded it, that’s fine, but do us a favor and purchase it if you dig it.

I’d like to thank Century Media, Archetype Management and Gustavo Sazes for helping the product be top notch. I’d like to thank Jens Bogren, Eric Rachel, Steve Lagudi and Christian Olde-Wolbers for putting their all into the record and making it sound amazing.

We’ve got tons of stuff to do for this record but just so you know, we’ll be out there and we’ll be working hard. We’ve got tons of stuff lined up right now. We’re in Europe right now starting the Earthsblood touring cycle today. We come back in April for Lamb Of God, June for the European festivals and July we play The Rockstar Mayhem tour.

Wish us luck! We’ll need it! Thanks so much.





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