Laugh At Others' Misfortunes


  • Axl Rosenberg

The one and only time I saw Slaughter live, they were the first group on a four band hair metal package tour at Jones Beach (or Hilfiger at Jones Beach or Nikon at Jones Beach or whatever the fuck it’s called now). That’s a good sized venue – to give you some sense, everyone from Aerosmith to Kiss to Motley Crue has headlined there in recent years – but, at something like five in the afternoon (on a weekend, if memory serves), the place was empty enough that Mark Slaughter was able to run through the stands, giving the few of us who had actually shown up high fives – with no security detail whatsoever. The show was packed by the time Cinderella went on later in the day, but while kids will show up at 10 am to hear whomever play the second stage at Ozzfest, Slaughter couldn’t muster enough enthusiasm from their aging fan base to get people to show up on a Saturday afternoon.

ANYWAY, here’s a video I saw on Blabbermouth of Mark Slaughter sounding like absolute dog shit. Maybe I’d feel bad if I’d been a bigger Slaughter fan back in the day – but really, I just want to point and laugh. If his glass-shattering pipes ain’t what they used to be, then Mark Slaughter – and, by extension, his entire band – truly have nothing to offer anyone anymore.


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