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  • Gary Suarez


Clockcleaner is a really really really good noise rock act in the scuzzy tradition of The Jesus Lizard and Foetus. 2007’s Babylon Rules simultaneously shoots straight from the hip and straight from the gutter, and anyone who actually enjoys reading my crummy column-for-jerks needs to own it before reading any further. After all, if you’ve never heard of the band before then you can’t fully comprehend the infinite sadness of learning that the group is playing its final live concert ever!

Those of you in the know had best get those hankies out because, indeed, for reasons that have yet to be explained to me, Clockcleaner’s April 18th headlining gig at Philadelphia’s Kung Fu Necktie will be the band’s last. In line with the group’s brazen approach, tickets are not easy to come by. In order to earn the right to buy your way into this show, you first must fire off an email to CLOCKCLEANERLASTSHOW [at] YAHOO.COM. Then, “[i]f approved, you will be emailed a ticketing link where you can purchase tickets. Please select the WILL CALL option only. If you purchase tickets but have not been approved, you will be turned away at the door.” Only 120 people are getting into this thing so you may want to hustle, buster. Openers include Lamps, Homostupids, and Pink Reason.

But wait a second here: is Clockcleaner actually breaking up or just ceasing to play publicly from now on? The language being used by the group is curt and seemingly intended to obfuscate. Either that, or I’m just unwilling to accept that this is almost certainly the end of one of the leaders in the current crop of noise rockers.


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