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DAATH’S EYAL LEVI GOES AGAINST THE GRAINDååth guitarist/sexy Jew bastard Eyal Levi will apparently now be doing a regular or semi-regular guest blog for Headbanger’s Blog, entitled “Jumping Darkness Parade.” For his inaugural column, Eyal has chosen to take a stance that is unexpected coming from a metal head in today’s anti-record label climate: he’s proclaiming his love for the music business.

Here’s an excerpt:

“When you’re in small band like I am there’s a whole section of the industry who is drawn to you because they feel like they can take advantage of how green you are. Hence, bottom feeders. Small bands are like the s–t at the bottom of a fishtank. So being that I’m in a small band, and have had so many run ins with scumbags then why do I still love the music business? Simple. Because I love music. I love bringing my music to people. Without the music business I wouldn’t be able to do that on the level I’m doing it now.”

Check out the rest of Eyal’s blog here.

Dååth’s new album, The Concealers, will be out April 21. We will continue to remind you that is fucking quality as the release date draws closer.


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