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Dååth Tapped Periphery’s Mark Holcomb and Mick Gordon for Their Crushing New Single, “Purified By Vengeance”


They may not have released a new studio effort since 2010 and they may not have announced a new album just yet, but Dååth have put out some new music lately. Their latest release, “Purified By Vengeance,” is a heavy track featuring some heavy tones and killer contributions from Mick Gordon and Periphery’s Mark Holcomb.

“‘Purified By Vengeance’ is the first song we wrote for Dååth’s return and it has everything I would want from one of our songs. Devastating riffs, eerie synths, epic orchestration, brutal and catchy vocals, ethereal cleans, and an incredible solo.

“And on that note, shout-out to Mick Gordon and Mark Holcomb for their contributions. When Mick told me the song made him think of grave robbing I knew he was picking up what we were putting down. He added what we didn’t know was missing. Layers of incredible percussion, sound design, orchestra, and theremin. Yes theremin. You’ve gotta love an evil theremin. Furthermore, the way Mick’s elements blend with Jesse Zuretti’s is perfect.

“As far as Holcomb goes, I literally laughed out loud when I first heard his solo. It’s wild and classy, virtuosic and tasteful, unpredictable yet familiar. To be honest, it’s my favorite Mark Holcomb solo. You can tell him I said that.

“Also, the verse riff is the moment I knew Krimh had to be in the band. I was beating my head into a wall. Everything I was writing just wasn’t good enough. I re-wrote the verse maybe 16 times. We had an intro, a pre chorus, a chorus and no verse. I asked Krimh to help me write it and the way we collaborated was instant chemistry. It was so seamless and easy and what we ended up with is quintessential Dååth: heavy af, catchy af, dark af. Clearly we had to make more music together.

“I hope you all enjoy this one!”

As previously mentioned, there’s no new album officailly announced as of yet, but with their recent release of “No Rest No End” and their cover of Death’s “The Philosopher,” we’d venture to guess we might hear something soon. You can also check out their two previous singles below.

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