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“Secrets of the Dead” is so fucking good that it’s just made us that much hungrier for Chimaira’s for new album, The Infection. So hungry, in fact, that last week we posted crappy-quality fan filmed footage of another new song, “Destroy and Dominate” – footage so weak that you could barely hear the actual music.

Well, no need to stick your ear up to the computer speaker anymore: after teasing fans earlier today with the cryptic message “3 pm EST,” the band just posted a link to a free download of the mp3 for the actual studio version of “Destroy and Dominate” on Twitter. You can download the song right now, right here. [UPDATE: Looks like the song is down now. I’m sure clever Chimaira fans will be able to seek it out from their peers – Ed.]

I have a lot to say about this song (and I’m only in the middle of my second spin now!) but I don’t wanna blow my load before I hear (and review) the full album, so for now I’ll just say this: when I interviewed vocalist Mark Hunter, he told us that the band has “slowed down a bit” for The Infection, and both “Dominate” and “Secrets” would suggest that he’s telling the truth. And, personally, speaking as a Chimaira song, I’m really, really digging it. It’s like being sat on by Billy Milano… and then Dino Cazares sits on top of him… and then Gene Hoglan sits on top of both of them… and then finally Jani Lane gets on the pile, and you’re crushed to death very, very slowly, so that you can actually feel each excruciating bone break. Awesome. Simply awesome.

And, in case you forgot, there’s a Todd Bell-directed video for this song coming down the pipeline, so soon we should have something purty to look at while doing the Meshuggahan head bounce (less violent than a bang, more aggro than a bob).

There’s ten songs on the album and we’ve heard two of ’em now, so I suspect we won’t hear more until The Infection‘s release on April 21. But if these two songs don’t make you foam at the mouth to hear the other eight… seek medical help.


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