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  • Gary Suarez

millionsYou read right, blog patron. For the mere cost of a compact disc, you can secure for yourself MILLIONS in return. But don’t thank Barack Obama for this imminent stimulus opportunity. Instead, thank the folks at Seventh Rule, the impressive indie that brought us Wetnurse, Light Yourself On Fire and now: Millions.

This Chicago quartet has pleasantly surprised me with their full-length debut Gather Scatter, due out on Seventh Rule on March 31. (You can–and should–pre-order it now.) Combining angular Fugazi-esque post-punk, contemporary hardcore, and good ol’ fashioned noise rock like Mama AmRep used to make, Millions is a band you’ll be hearing a lot about this year. Check out the Spring tour dates posted at the band’s MySpace page, which includes gigs with Tombs, Disappearer, and Gods And Queens.

Sure, Gather Scatter is not an AIG bonus, but at least Congress wont tax you for it!


[Gary Suarez has a headache this big. He also writes for Brainwashed and usually manages the consistently off-topic No Yoko No. Say, why don’t you follow him on Twitter?]

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