Tour de Force



So. Yesterday was a fucking whirlwind.

Salt Lick BBQ lunch, punctuated by the special rice krispie treat some guy had sold us the night prior. Kip and I were giggling like high school kids stoned for the first time as we were eating THE MOST FUCKING AMAZING BARBECUE FUCKING EVER. From there it was right back into it with a triumvirate of Peelander-Z, Rwake and proggy atmospheric rockers Maserati. Pound down a few Lone Stars, Coffee, Red Bull, keep going. We hit a quality standup comedy showcase next (Eugene Mirman, others) to break things up before indulging in delicious street tacos, then onwards to the Pelican / Dredg show at Emo’s. Once again, Dredg killed it (better sound this time), and once again I’m not much impressed by Pelican. Cut to 6am passing some bottles of cheap red wine around a hotel room with Dredg as I realized I had to leave for the airport… breakfast at Salt Lick offshoot in the airport, plane, pass out, New York.

Thank you to everyone we hung out with all weekend for making this our best SXSW yet. Fucking epic.

Most metal moment of the day: Peelander-Z’s bass player hanging upside down from the rafters for half of a song.

Br00talest band of the day: Rwake, easily.

Best new discovery: Maserati. Thank you Rev, Kip, and the 10,000 other people who told me I needed to see this amazing band.

Best t-shirt purchase: Maserati.

Best drummer: dude from Maserati. (though dude from Dredg gets serious, serious props)

Nicest dudes ever (and sickest band): Dredg. Lovin’ that new single, too.

Favorite BBQ dish at The Salt Lick: Do I have to choose just one? The brisket is so fucking good but the ribs give them a run for their money.

Best pickup line uttered by a metal dude to a non-metal chick about metal: “I’ll give you some really heavy shit. Like Throat Plunger.”

Craziest story heard: The girl who’s applying to the CIA and has people constantly monitoring her. Scary??


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