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News about Ace Frehley never ceases to amuse. There was the breaking press release announcing his brand new, straight-outta-1996 website, complete with animated gifs and Photoshop 101 text effects. And now there’s his first-ever video blog, a snapshot into the mind of this hopelessly out-of-touch legend. Watching this video is kind of like listening to my mom tell me she joined Facebook; there’s no way they really grasp the entirety of what they’re doing, but it’s a cute effort. Says Ace:

“By the way, that is me on MySpace and Facebook, and if you don’t believe me you can go to and you’ll find the link. It’s not brain surgery. (laughs) Hey, keep those photos, messages and all those great little anecdotes coming, because I do read them from time to time whenever I get a chance.”

That’s right, it’s not brain surgery, kids.



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