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daphne scooby dooThese three bands have very little in common other than the facts that a) they are metal bands, b) they rule, c) I’d like to write about all of them today. Enjoy some completely new music today instead of arguing for the 16,989th time about Disturbed, Jesse Leach vs. Howard Jones, how shitty screamo-crunk is, or whatever the fuck the topic of the hour is, you fuckwads. Awesome new music after le jump.

MINSK – Most of you have probably heard of Minsk before (… or not). Minsk play heavy, stonery, psych-prog ala Mastodon, but they’re considerably scarier; this is the kind of music that might be the modern day metal equivalent of the tunes that play when Scooby Doo and company wander into a mysterious mansion. Their new song “Three Moons” is currently up on their MySpace page, and it comes from their forthcoming album With Echoes In The Movement of Stones (zoiks!) which comes out May 26th in North America and June 1st in the rest of the world. A great soundtrack to listen to as you dream of boning Daphne.

THE SERPENT & THE SIREN – MS Maniac “Clint Homuth” describes The Serpent & The Siren as “a great unsigned metal band from Canada.” This might be more true if not for the inexplicable “bree-brees” scattered throughout their otherwise punishing death metal attack, but the band has ridiculously sick chops, a sense of songwriting, and will satisfy those who are in it only for the brutality. This is the real-life Dethklok.

CLOUDKICKER – Meshuggahcore. There’s little that the bands in this micro-genre do to separate themselves from one another, but I’m not sick of the sound yet and Cloudkicker do a damn fine job. I suppose there’s a bit of an atmsopheric/ambient tint here. Thanks to original MS Maniac AlexTheKiltedLobster for sending this in!


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