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  • Axl Rosenberg


Twenty days ago it was announced that Burton C. Bell and Dino Cazares would be joining forces for a new project with Gene Hoglan and Byron Stroud; at the time, I wondered why the hell what is basically a Fear Factory reunion wasn’t going to be called Fear Factory.

Well, turns out it will be called Fear Factory.

In an interview with Metal Hammer, Bell and Cazares discussed why Raymond Herrera and Christian Olde Wolbers aren’t involved in this “reunion,” as well as the fates of their other musical projects. Note how they somehow manage to say nothing substantial whatsoever:

Metal Hammer: Christian and Raymond aren’t involved in this new line-up…how and why was that decision made?

Burton: “It’s like a business and I’m just reorganising. After time you realise what’s important and what’s not important, and after talking to Dino again it just felt good and it felt right.”

Metal Hammer: Did you know straight away that you wouldn’t include Christian and Raymond in this…people are obviously going to ask why they’re not involved…

Burton: “We won’t talk about it. Ha ha ha! It’s part of the organisation. We learned some things and we have a really good rapport with Byron, and Gene is an amazing drummer. Dino and I, as the founders of Fear Factory, we thought ‘Hey, let’s try this, a different flavour’. Because wherever me and Dino go, it’ll still be Fear Factory, I believe.”

Dino: “I’ve had many projects in the past and I’ve played with some of the best drummers in this form of music, from Ray Mayorga to Nick Barker, Tim Yeung, Joey Jordison, and now I’m playing with the king of this genre. How could I pass that up? How could anyone pass up a chance to play with Gene Hoglan?”

Metal Hammer: So where does this leave Divine Heresy and The Watchers?

Burton: “in [sic] this day and age of music, you’ve got to keep busy, if you want to stay out there. The other bands, they’re still bands, but right now I’m gonna be working on Fear Factory. The Watchers are still around. I’ve got another band with Byron called City Of Fire that we just finished an album. The more creative and artistic you stay, the better it is for you, because you keep the creativity flowing. If the things you do are different or not, you’re staying creative. I really want to be in an artistic process at this stage in my life and everything has artistic value and Fear Factory is going to be a very true, creative project for me again.”

Dino: “I’m constantly writing music all the time. I think music sometimes. Even when I walk down the street I have to walk in rhythm. I think in beats and guitar riffs and I have to get them out. I can’t let it build up, I have to let it out. I’m constantly writing and working on other projects.”

So, to review: Raymond Herrera and Christian Olde Wolbers aren’t part of Fear Factory Mach 3 because of “business reorginization,” and Divine Heresy and The Watchers are… what? Does anyone really believe that every other member of Divine Heresy does not currently find himself unemployed?

This is bullshit hype from two dudes who have been in the game long enough to know how to give perfect non-answer answers. There was money to be made here and that’s what this is all this about; if Axl Rose and Dave Mustaine have taught us anything, it’s that the band name is the brand that sells, regardless of the line-up.

And I’d be more pissed about their transparent dishonesty… if I actually gave two shits about Fear Factory. As it stands, I’m already tired of thinking about this.

In fact, I think I’m all done now.


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