Slave to the Grind




When I read that Repulsion, Pig Destroyer and Brutal Truth are all playing a show together at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple on July 31, my head literally exploded. I don’t mean “literally” the way some people misuse that word; I mean I am actually typing this right now sans melon. Pretty crazy, I know.

But totally warranted. Besides Gojira turning out to be a jizz-inducing experience and the prospect of Faith No More hopefully hitting up these United States later this year, I really can’t think of a cooler show. And tickets are only $20!!! That’s way less than you’ll pay for most shows this summer, and most shows won’t have three of the greatest grind bands of all time on one bill.

No word yet on if they’ll be support acts, but having one or two younger grinders – say, Graf Orlock or Magrudergrind – kicking off the show would probably make it a little too close to Heaven anyway, so perhaps it’s for the best if it’s just the three already-announced bands.

You can buy tickets here. Anyone who is in a position to go this show and doesn’t deserves to have a prowler in his yard.


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