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mast_rem_cover1DBR’s ace comment on our 19th Best Metal Album of the 21st Century… So Far (Mastodon’s Remission, for those keeping score at home) made me chuckle:

I remember hearing “March of the Fire Ants” for the first time on a Headbanger’s Ball compilation when I was a teenager and even though it took me a while to realize I actually liked it, that riff would get stuck in my head for days.

deedily deedily doo, deedily deedily doo, etc.

Deedily deedily doo; dead on, amirite???

It also got me thinkin’. What other metal onomatopoeias are there that are absolutely instantly recognizable? Aside from the obvious classics (“Smoke on the Water,” “Iron Man,” etc). So let’s play a little game here. Post your phonetic representation of a metal riff as a comment but do NOT post the name of the band or song — then let other commenters guess what song it is in the replies to that specific comment (yay threaded comments!). Go!


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