Cain. Iago. Lecter. Vader. Joker. The dude in the black hat is always the most interesting character in any given story. Who gives a shit about the pansy ass hero who wants to save the day because it’s the right thing to do and yadda yadda yadda? The villian is the guy who’s gonna buck the system. The bad ass. The man with the motherfucking plan.

DevilDriver understand this better than most. They’ve got an awesome new album, Pray for Villians, coming out July 14 on Roadrunner Records, and it’s all about the celebration of the rebel. The anti-hero. The guy you need to fear.

MetalSucks is proud to debut DevilDriver’s brand new video for the title track. It was directed by Nathan Cox, who, in addition to the last two DevilDriver videos, has also worked with Trivium, Lacuna Coil, Queens of the Stone Age, and loads others, so ya know it’s a gonna be a masterpiece of modern cinemetal. Check it out below! Pre-order the special edition of Pray For Villains at a special discount here.

[This exclusive has now ended.]

You can pre-order DevilDriver’s Pray for Villains here as either a Special Edition digi CD/DVD with bonus tracks or the regular edition CD. Either way, if you order now, you get an autographed booklet to sweeten the deal. You can also get all your up-to-the-millisecond DevilDriver news at the band’s Roadrunner home page.

And don’t forget to check out DevilDriver headlining the MetalSucks co-sponsored Thrash & Burn tour all summer long. Get official tour dates here.

-Axl, Vince, and Everyone at MetalSucks

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