This Dave Mustaine talking about Megadeth’s recent tour with Slayer. I’ve added some emphasis:

“I’ve gotta tell you, the tour with Slayer was really, really cool. I saw Kerry [King]. Kerry was out watching us last night on two separate occasions, and although I didn’t get a chance to see [Slayer], it was really good to know that the ice is melting. I sent them over a couple of peace offerings on the way from Edmonton to Calgary and those guys had a nice trip on the way down in the bus — we flew.

I get it. I mean, those dudes over at Terrorizer are always like “Dude! We love your site!” and I’m all “Oh, I don’t read your magazine. But you guys are great.” Then I hop in a cab while they ride on a donkey cart to the show.

Hopefully this tour made everyone enough money that King will ignore it (’cause c’mon, you just know that that dude has a Google alert on his name or some shit) and at some point they’ll do the obvious thing at team up for some U.S. dates.

Either that, or Mustaine will need to take a break from touring in order to have King’s guitar surgically removed from his ass.

There’s a new Megadeth song coming Tuesday. Despite what my snarky attitude towards Mr. Mustaine might suggest, I am actually very excited it hear it.


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