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  • Axl Rosenberg

chuckmosleyMore than a year ago, I wondered aloud: “Say, what the fuck did ever ever happen to Chuck Mosley?” It had been so long since anyone heard from the former Faith No More singer that I even misspelled the dude’s name, and not a single one of you left a snarky comment correcting me.

Well, now it seems that Mosley has a solo album, Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food, coming out August 11, presumably being released to capitalize on all the ink the reunited, Mosley-less FNM are getting. And while I appreciate Mosley having a sense of humor about his lack of success in da biz in the years since he split from FNM, I’m not sure that advertising yourself as rap-rock in 2009 is the smartest way to go if the acquisition of sustenance is your goal. Unless you’re hoping people will throw eggs at you, and that you can then proceed to lick the yolk from your clothes.

That being said, Mosley has lined up some guest musicians for the album who will surely draw some more attention to the project, including Korn’s Jonathan Davis, John 5, and, uh, Roddy Bottum. Yes, that Roddy Bottum. Weird. But whatever – if it gets some more people to check out We Care a Lot and/or Introduce Yourself, I’m all for it.

Below is a video teaser for the album and an unofficial video for “Tractor,” a song which will be on said album.

It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever heard.


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