One of the many, many topics we discussed on Friday night’s Metal Injection Livecast (which I fully intend to keep plugging until you’ve all downloaded it) is the new Megadeth album, Endgame. Decibel has already asserted that it’s Mustaine’s best work since Rust in Peace; I think that might be pushing it a little, but it’s most definitely his best since Countdown to Exctinction.

At some point during all the yelling, MI’s Noa Avior tried to bring up Cryptic Writings a bunch of times as a good ‘Deth record that has been released in the years since Countdown. But because I’m a self-involved prick, I never even heard her, and that’s one debate we didn’t get to have.

So let’s have it now. Honestly, Cryptic never made that big an impression on me, although I do recall enjoying the single, “Trust.” It’s not the speed metal kinda thing I think most of us expect from Mustaine and whatever three other dudes are in his employ at any given moment, but it is a pretty good song.

So now I leave it to you Megadexperts to argue about the ins and outs of the rest of Cryptic Writings. Weigh in with your thoughts below.


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