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  • Axl Rosenberg

If you’ve been reading this site on a regular basis, you’re aware that I’ve been very, very, very excited for this past Friday night’s Brutal Truth/Pig Destroyer/Repulsion show, and I was not let down.

There were some minor hiccups – Repulsion went on nearly an hour later than scheduled, which might not have been so bothersome if the Brooklyn Masonic Temple wasn’t hotter than the fucking sun, or even if you didn’t have to wait on not one but two lines to get a drink (one to get your drink ticket, the other to get your actual drink). Plus, when Repulsion started playing, they seemed to be having sound issues for a few songs (compounded by the fact that moshers kept slamming into the soundboard which, for reasons beyond me, was on a platform on unlocked wheels), and no one thought to bring down the house lights until part way through the set. Also, I felt a little bad for Brutal Truth – they killed, as expected, but a substantial portion of the crowd filed out following Pig Destroyer, who ended up being the night’s true headliners.

Then again… of course Pig Destroyer ended up being the night’s true headliners. Not only did they kill as expected (and their 45 minute-ish set felt wwwaaaayyy too short), but Blake Harrison had power tools on stage for the express purpose of making needless semi-pyro. Power tools!!!

ANYWAY, there was a whole lotta stage divin’ throughout the night. But during Pig Destroyer’s last song, it seemed like there were at least a dozen people on stage, all going nuts and stage diving at once. Below you can watch some not-so-great footage of the event that I found on YouTube (thanks, presspass!). If anyone has any better footage of this or any other part of the show, hit me up!


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