Scraping Genius Off The Wheel


  • Gary Suarez

kwc gambling preview

When a band names its debut full-length Gambling On The Richter Scale, you pretty much expect it to be heavy as fuck. If San Francisco’s own Kowloon Walled City’s two new tracks (now streaming here) from said forthcoming record are any indication, you’d be goddamn right.

“Clockwork” lurches with sludgy riffage and disgruntled white guy shouts reminiscent of the old Amphetamine Reptile acts, while “Diabetic Feet” lets a low-slung bassline drive its schizophrenia. Gambling On The Richter Scale will be released September 29 on The Perpetual Motion Machine, a great indie that recently released noise rock act The Catalyst’s Swallow Your Teeth, as well as other metal records from Ancient Sky and Litany For The Whale.

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