This video by The Psyke Project, sent in by MS Maniac Kris K., certainly starts off innocently enough… and then devolved into one of the weirdest fucking videos I’ve ever seen. I can imagine how the initial production meeting for this video went: “So, like, we wanna be in the woods, naked, covered in black mud.” “You mean clothed in a warehouse with lots of lights flashing?” “No, in the woods, naked, covered in black mud.”

According to The Psyke Project’s MySpace, the video is just a microcosm of their entire new album Dead Storm (out August 28th on Lifeforce):

”Dead Storm” is a rendition of Scandinavian nature and narratives of the world that THE PSYKE PROJECT belong to. The album is a sound scape influenced by the frailty and authenticity of traditional Nordic music and at the same time there’s a presence of pristine landscapes throughout the songs. The honesty of Nordic narratives – be it nature, myths or music – has made an deep impact on how we wanted to record the album and the emotions that should be conveyed through ”Dead Storm.” It has been paramount to us that all studio recordings were done live and within a short time span in order to stay honest to the song writing and to convey a sense of authenticity and unpredictability on the album.

Pretty cool if you ask me. Enjoy the Danish nudity below.

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