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  • Axl Rosenberg


Never been a Lita Ford fan. Always thought she sucked. Has nothing to do with hating chicks in metal or whatever – Lita Ford just happens to suck.

So. Ford is now trying to make a comeback and has a new album coming out in October, and is now streaming a song from said new album. The song is called “Crave,” and, hey, guess what? It’s terrible. Shocker.

Like so many people who were famous in the 80s, Ford has made the mistake of trying too hard to sound like she’s hip, relevant, and aware of how music has changed in the years since anyone last gave a shit about her. And, honestly, I don’t really know if it matters at this point. ‘Cause on the one hand, I doubt Ford is gonna make many (if any) new fans at this point anyway, and those of her old fans who actually have been craving (pun intended) a comeback will probably buy whatever she releases regardless. On the other hand, since that fanbase is her bread n’ butter anyway, I kinda think she might be better off just releasing an album that sounds exactly like one from her heyday. I mean, isn’t that what whatever’s left of her fanbase would want anyway?

On the off-chance that you care, Lita’s latest, Wicked Wonderland, drops October 6.


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