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  • Axl Rosenberg

hatebreedI do really enjoy Hatebreed when I’m in the right mood, and they’re a lot of fun live. But the thought of a new Hatebreed album doesn’t really get my blood pumping the way it used to. Perseverance was a turning point, the moment the band officially went from being hardcore to metalcore; since then, they’ve really just made Perseverance Part 2, Perseverance Part 3, etc.

Now they’ve announced a Septmeber 29 release date for their new, self-titled album, and front dude Jamey Jasta is promising that this album will mark another evolution for the band:

“I feel this new album is a true crossover record in the sense that our metal and hardcore roots are evenly represented throughout it. There’s still the fast East Coast tuned down Hardcore that people know and love, yet there are metal influences that shine through on almost every song.”

I really want to believe Jasta, but doesn’t it sound like he’s describing pretty much every Hatebreed album from the past decade? When’s the last time the band did something there the metal influences didn’t shine through?

Maybe I’m wrong. I actively hope I’m wrong on this one. Original guitarist Wayne Lozinak has returned to the fold now, so maybe he helped the band switch things up a bit from the Sean Martin era.

And even if I’m not wrong and the album isn’t really different from the past few releases, I know the record won’t suck… I would just love to feel giddy about a Hatebreed disc again.

Guess I’ll find out soon enough.


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