Right after John Bush played what might or might not be a one-off reunion show with Anthrax, I wrote, “I’d love to post some footage of Bush performing a Bush-era song, but can’t seem to find any.” Well, the metal gods heard my prayers, and SMN News posted the below footage of the band doing “Safe Home.” And the quality of the footage is actually perfect – it’s not just some shit a fan captured on his or her cell phone! Band sounds good, too.

I have no fucking idea what’s going on with the Anthrax drama. I’ve had someone who works closely with the band swear to me that Dan Nelson is the good guy in this conflict, and I’ve had someone who works closely with the band swear to me that Scott Ian and company are the good guys. It’s not possible that everyone is being truthful here, so who knows.

Meanwhile, the lapse between the time since Bush played with the band and any kind of official announcement of his return tells us… also not very much. Are they just negotiating terms? Is Bush continuing to hold out while the band begs and pleads? Do they have him in a studio somewhere secretly re-recording Dan Nelson’s vocals for Worship Music? Again, no idea. I think the group is going to have make some kind of official announcement sooner rather than later if they wanna keep up this momentum, though.


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