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  • Axl Rosenberg


We’ve worked pretty hard to achieve our title of the “Most Negative Site in Metal.” And we’re proud of that title. We’ve earned it, damn it.

So we’re jealous that those fuckers at The Deciblog, and not us, thought of this brilliant idea:


Luckily, they invited us to participate.

Here’s the description of how it’s gonna work:

We sent 15 members of the Decibel extended family 15 different head-to-head match-ups with the following instructions: write a couple hundred words and pick a “winner” based on whatever criteria you choose. Defending the indefensible is actually a lot harder than it looks: J. Bennett tried to puss out by declaring “everyone loses” before we put his balls in a vice and made him choose. In honor of Fred Durst, who pioneered the art of taking two horrible things and transforming them into something even more ghastly, we present the first (and hopefully) final edition of the Dursties. Every day for the next eight days, we will be presenting the match-ups, whittling down the Sweet 16 until there’s only one “winner” left, all to find — to paraphrase Jonah Hill — the ultimate anti-poon.

I don’t wanna spoil for you what match-up I got stuck with, nor which “winner” I chose. I will say that I totally understand where J. Bennett was coming from.

Keep checking The Deciblog for all the results, including an entry from yours truly!


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