• Axl Rosenberg

I got to visit the set for Municipal Waste’s new video, “Wrong Answer,” and when I first arrived, I didn’t even recognize guitarist Ryan Waste. In fact, my first thought was “What the hell is the dude from Waking the Cadaver doing here?”

Ryan was just in costume, of course. Directed by David Brodsky, the video, as Waste and drummer Dave Witte explained to me, literalizes the song’s lyrics and portrays a game show where answering a question incorrectly has deadly consequences. That might sound like the description for a Miike movie, but this being The Waste, it’s actually quite funny.

“Wrong Answer” comes off the band’s new album, Massive Aggressive, which Earache released this week. I’ll have my interview with Waste and Witte up soon; in the meantime, enjoy the clip…


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