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As much as I love metal feuds, they usually don’t actually go anywhere. Kerry King and Dave Mustaine can trade barbs in the press all they like, but we all know they’ll never actually get into any kind of altercation; in fact, Slayer and Megadeth just announced another string of Canadian dates together. Metal doesn’t have its own Tupac/Biggie story because rarely do these dudes show any actual desire to hurt one another. And even when they do, it usually goes nowhere (see: Vince Neil versus Axl Rose).

Well, Lambgoat is reporting that The Acacia Strain’s Vincent Bennett and Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri have now crossed that line, apparently beating the shit out of one another at last night’s Emmure gig in Clifton Park.

Here are Lambgoat‘s reports, from various sources:

9/13/2009 8:42 PM
“Vincent from the acacia strain and frankie from emmure just beat each other bloody backstage at northern lights for the hard knock life tour. Vincent seems to be fine while frankie was rushed away by security” – anonymous source

9/13/2009 11:02:07 PM
“Tonight At Northern Lights In Clifton Park NY, Vincent from The Acacia Strain showed up to squash his beef with Frankie from Emmure. Instead of peace ensuing, a fight broke out between the two of them and frankie pulled brass knucks on Vincent. Both held there own and ended up bloody as hell. This was the fight everyones been waiting to happen.” – anonymous source

9/13/2009 11:09 PM
“The internet is abuzz. Did i get beat up? Nope! Did i hang the fuck out? Yes!” – Vincent Bennett, via Twitter

9/13/2009 11:10 PM
“Vincent showed up to an Emmure headline show in Albany tonight at Northern Lights calling out Frankie asking if he had a problem with him and Frankie proceeded to punch him in the face and the two scuffled for a few minutes. Vincent had his glasses busted into his face and after a few minutes the fight was over with Vincent shaking Franks hand not once but twice claiming the beef is over.” – label source

So, basically, we have no idea what actually happened. Everyone (save Bennett) admits that there was a fight, but details are sketchy.

Whatever the case… is it weird that I think this kinda sucks? For me, at least, metal (and hardcore, if you consider TAS or Emmure hardcore) has always provided an outlet for violent and, um, let’s say “socially inappropriate” emotions, so that I won’t get into any actual fights. I’m happy to enjoy the entertainment of two dudes talking some smack on one another, but I’d actually prefer that it remain all talk.

We’ll give you more on the story if we get it. In the meantime, let’s hope this doesn’t end up with any East Coast/West Coast drive-by shenanigans.


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