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I love YouTube vocal covers. LOVE THEM! There’s something about teenagers bearing their souls (awfully) for all the world to see that just hits me in that special place.

So today we take a look at the very best YouTube has to offer of Limp Bizkit vocal covers. Let’s go!

The best part of this one is definitely this dude’s atrocious facial hair styling, but almost as astounding is how accurately he imitates Fred Durst’s whiny interpretation of this George Michael classic:

After the jump… more Limp Bizkit vocal covers. Click! You know you wanna. The best is yet to come.

No proper microphone? No worries. Just use the mic that’s built into your World of Warcraft headset!

This kid’s cover of “My Way” actually manages to be even more out-of-the-tune than the original. The best is when his voice cracks going into the chorus… pure gold:

Nice white belt, asshole. Lulz at the British accent:

For only $9.99 you too can own a ridiculous hat like this one. Ripped pecs and generic shark-tooth necklace not included. Give this guy props though; dude seems genuinely angry!

Limp Bizkit is “old school shit”? Ruh-roh. And what the fuck is that hanging from the ceiling?

That’s all for now. Next time… the Korn edition?


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