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  • Axl Rosenberg

Wow. For some reason I didn’t think we’d be getting a new Nile album ’til 2010, but their latest offering, Those Whom the Gods Detest, will be out November 3 on Nuclear Blast. Sweeeeet.

Here’s the cover art, which, natch, sticks to the whole Egyptian theme, but I think is still pretty cool:


And here’s what Karl Sanders told me about the new album a few months back:

“This [Nile album] is probably going to be a polar opposite to the last record… In terms of the song structures, instrumentation, things like that.  There are a lot of other influences that are going to be on this record.  The last two Nile records I felt were more straight ahead kind of death metal.  They were big and sprawling and orchestrated out the ass with lots of stuff on it.  I think for awhile we wanted to show people the more metal side of us.  This new record is going in lots of different directions.  The songs that are written so far have lots of layers and different ideas.  It’s going to be an interesting record.”

I guess we’ll see if Karl was talkin’ da truth in November!


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