• Axl Rosenberg

Dethklok’s Dethalbum II promises to be twice as awesome as their Dethalbum – in fact, this record might actually make you kill people in horrifically violent ways, or be killed in a horrifically violent way, as the band’s fans often are on Metalocalypse. It’s that friggin’ good.

The album comes out September 29 on Williams Street, but our friends at Metal Insider are getting the party started early with a listening party here in NYC a week from today, Wednesday, September 23 at Fontana’s, the site of many an awesome metal party. This is your chance to get drunk, hear the record early, stalk Vince and myself, and throw yourselves at MI’s resident Quaker Jew, Bram Teitelman. Ladies, if you’re not a total cow and ask real nice, I’d wager Bram will sleep with you. Just putting that out there. He’s a very giving dude.


See ya there…


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