There’s really nothing I can say about “Let Us Slay,” the new video from Gwar and director David Brodsky, that would be funnier than what Oderus Urungus himself has to say about it. So I’ll just let him speak, via a press release:

“LET US SLAY” is the first video from our new epic album, ‘LUST IN SPACE’, and provides actual first-hand footage of GWAR’s recent travels through outer space and our cosmic struggle against that intergalactic asshole Cardinal Syn…this should put an end to any speculation that we are not really from outer space…you can really see us flying around on spaceships and shit!”

After a huge hit of crack laced with horse tranquilizer and kitty litter, the warty front-thing continued, “This is just the latest GWAR video from esteemed director David Brodsky, whom we have worked w/ before on the amazing ‘SCHOOL’S OUT’ video. He is a very talented and effusively garrulous sort of guy, and he works for rocks! Plus I am particularly excited about the many dance moves that I executed in the course of the video…I recently studied under Christopher Walken, and after working very hard he gave me the nickname “Twinkletoes!”

That part about Brodsky working for rocks is true, by the way. What Oderus neglects to mention is that he uses the rocks to beat people and take their money, so it’s not like he’s going broke or whatever.

Here’s the video. It’s pretty awesome. Enjoy it.


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