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Since the Kentucky Grilled Chicken fiasco, we’ve all developed a deep-seated mistrust of things purported to be free. Yet San Franciscan noise rockers Kowloon Walled City want to re-instill that sense of HOPE everyone felt this time last year when Barack Obama ran for President against a grumpy old man and Tina Fey’s retarded cousin. How do they propose to do so? By giving away their brand new full-length album gratis on the Intarwebs!

Right now, right this very fucking second, you can visit Kowloon Walled City’s website and download their entire Gambling on the Richter Scale LP. If you are now, or have ever been, a fan of Unsane or artists on the Amphetamine Reptile roster, you’re going to fucking LOVE this album. And if you happen to be a generous soul eager to reward bands that selflessly provide awesome music at no cost, then consider purchasing a copy of the just-released vinyl version of Gambling on the Richter Scale, which also comes packaged with a free CD version. I’ve been raving about Kowloon Walled City for so long I’ve forgotten how much they bribed me to mention them in the first place. NOW THAT’S SOME TASTY CHICKEN, AMERICA!


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